Lift The Mask: Documentary

See it. Host it. Learn About it.

Interested in Hosting a Screening?

Documentary screenings can serve as a unique and compelling opportunity to educate, inspire, and raise awareness. Whether your event unites neighbors, students, or healthcare professionals, this forum can create an environment that fosters a safe and inclusive space for your audience members to speak freely about their own experiences – to “lift the mask” on mental illness.

Portraits of Life
With Mental Illness

Lift the Mask portrays a diverse group of people living with mental illness. Through vivid storytelling, the documentary provides a platform for the subjects and their caregivers to relate their experiences. Detailed interviews and examinations of their lives capture the struggles, as well as the joys and triumphs of those affected by mental health issues.

Where We’ve Been

Lift the Mask is being screened at colleges, universities, hospitals, and government agencies and corporate offices around the country. Will yours be next?