Foundation Raises $35,000 at Falmouth Road Race

August 27, 2019

FALMOUTH, Mass. – The Quell Foundation is proud to announce that during the 2019 New Balance Falmouth Road Race, Team Quell and its supporters raised over $35,000 for mental health awareness. The Foundation, which is based in North Falmouth, Mass., has been apart of the historic race for the past four years.

“The Falmouth Road Race continues to be the highlight of the summer for The Quell Foundation,” said Foundation CEO and President Kevin Lynch. “The generous support of our donors continues to be overwhelming. We look forward to seeing Team Quell in action for our fifth anniversary of the race next year.”

At this year’s Road Race, Team Quell debuted its new “Remove the Stigma” secondary logo. Runners and volunteers bore the logo along the course to promote the organization’s message that removing the stigma of mental health will ultimately save lives.

“September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which makes the timing of the Road Race particularly important to an organization like ours,” said Director of Communications and Marketing, Sarah Marshall. “Through the messaging of our runner fundraising efforts and our volunteer cheerleaders, everyone in Team Quell did their part to raise awareness about the stigma of mental health. 

“It is unbelievable that one in four people living with mental health issues feel like others are caring or sympathetic about their condition,” said Marshall. “Through the ‘Remove the Stigma’ campaign and conversations such as those encouraged by The Foundation we can speak more openly, and in turn be more empathetic, to those living with a mental illness.

Following the event, The Quell Foundation debuted the “Remove the Stigma” logo on Times Square in New York City. The ad can be seen on 1500 Broadway Ave and 43rd St. and will run through the end of November.

The Quell Foundation, Inc.

Based in North Falmouth, The Quell Foundation works to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses, and incarcerations of people with mental illness by encouraging people to share their story, increasing access to mental health services, and supporting first responders in recognizing the mental health warning signs among their own.

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