A Critical Culture Change – Faiqa’s Story

June 24, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, the scarcity of information on Coronavirus caused a significant burden among the world’s Infectious Disease Specialists. The world barraged them with questions to which there were no satisfying responses. Faiqa recounts her experience as an Infectious Disease Specialist on the Frontlines, as she tells of a deficit of both resources and research while struggling to comprehend the virus’s behavior, as it was unlike anything we’ve seen before.

She details her downward spiral into feelings of doubt and shame as her well of resilience began to run dry. Noticing these feelings, she reached out to a therapist and revealed how to identify these feelings within oneself. She also acknowledges that our loved ones can often see changes in our emotional state even sooner than we can, as she reads a passage of a heart-wrenching essay written by her twelve-year-old daughter.

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