Expendable. Disposable. Sacrificial. – Caitlyn's Story (pt. 1)

December 28, 2020

A seasoned Emergency Room nurse, with experience across the country, Caitlyn moved to Oregon in January right before the virus hit the U.S.. Caitlyn describes what colleagues’ term “PRE-TSD” as the anticipation of the virus arrival accompanied by a sense of imminent danger and anxiety due to the lack of preparation and effective communication.

With limited or a lack of safety policies, no protective equipment, and no explicit directive from her superiors, Caitlyn and her fellow frontline medical professionals quickly realized they had already been exposed to the virus multiple times. It was also understood there was no way to stop the emergency department from eventually being exposed again. Part 1 of Caitlyn’s two-part episode breaks down how nurses and medical staff from around the country had to fight for their protection and safety while taking care of the sickest among us.

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