My Eyes Will Be the Last Thing He Sees – Sarah’s Story

February 15, 2021

With over a decade of experience, Sarah knows that ER Nurses thrive in chaos. But as her hospital prepared for COVID-19, it quickly became apparent that, “This wasn’t just the flu.” Sarah explains how the necessity for PPE and the lack of understanding of the virus, coupled with staggering mortality rates, rocked the hospital community. Her devastating story recounts the absurdity of what became the daily lives of frontline healthcare professionals. It was the eyes of emotionally drained nurses and doctors that would be the last thing many of these sick, scared and dying patients would see before leaving this world. Sarah’s heartfelt and emotional story will rock listeners to their core.

Truly a story that celebrates the phalanx of the healthcare community, Sarah speaks to the importance of her professional support network, Zoom cocktail parties with friends, and supporting colleagues who need a good cry at work.

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