Thank You to the 2020 Summer Intern Cohort!

November 03, 2020

For the past nine weeks, The Quell Foundation has played host to 10 incredible interns from across the country. Hailing from different backgrounds, schools, and areas of studies, it was a joy to watch this coho

rt come together (completely virtual we might add), as a small but enormously successful workforce. The Foundation will be forever changed and forever grateful for their hard work and dedica

tion this summer. We are pleased to formally recognize and share with you, The Foundation’s 2020 Summer Intern Cohort.


Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott / Senior / Clark University / Political Science
Intern Assignment: Grant research, development and submissions

Emily Abbott, a Senior at Clark University, spent her summer researching, developing, and submitting The Foundation for grants. Six hours behind her fellow interns in the cohort, Emily was able to do her stellar job from Hawaii’s shores. Particularly with her teammate Justin Schatz. She is returning to school in the fall to study political science and hopes to pursue a career in nonprofit leadership upon graduation! Ms. Abbott also is a brand new member of The Quell Foundation Jr. Board of Directors.


Skyla BerginSkyla Bergin / Senior / Johnson & Wales / Psychology
Intern Assignment: Second Print development of “Stories of Life with Mental Illness”

Skyla Bergin, a senior at Johnson & Wales, first found The Quell Foundation at a screening of Lift the Mask – Portraits of Life with Mental Illness in 2019. Since then, she stayed on The Foundation’s radar awaiting our summer intern cohort. Her inspiration, courage, and determination will make our second printing of Lift the Mask – Stories of Life with Mental Illness that much better.



Nicholas Lee / Senior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Health Care Professionals Listening Platform Initiative

Nicholas Lee, a student-athlete at Penn State University, spent his summer leading the charge of one of The Foundation’s newest and most exciting projects, the Lift the Mask – Voices of Heroes in a Silent Pandemic podcast. Interviewing medical professionals from across the country, Lee and his fellow intern Colleen Lowe, honed in on the project’s details including the needs assessment, format, topic list and structure, name and even the design.


GeraldineGeraldine Lonsdale / Senior / UC Berkeley / Psychology
Intern Assignment: Fall Virtual Fundraising event

A four-year Quell scholar, Geraldine Londsdale, will return to UC Berkeley in the fall and study Psychology. Ms. Londsdale and fellow cohort intern Sarah Sausman were tasked with the tremendous job of bringing the Quell Foundation largest and most significant fundraising opportunity of the year, the Masquerade Ball, to a virtual environment. Much of the ‘21 scholarship program rested on their shoulders. They crushed it! Check out more information on this year’s event here!


ColleenColleen Lowe / Senior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Program Development Coordinator /OpEd Contributor

Originally brought on to bulk up The Foundation’s editorial bank, The Foundation quickly recognized that Ms. Lowe’s drive and ability to deliver were too valuable of skills not to be put to good use. Transitioning to program development coordinator of the listening platform initiative, Colleen joined Mr. Lee, doing everything from researching a thorough needs assessment to becoming a vital part of the podcast’s design and branding decision-making team.


Jessica RipperJessica Ripper / Senior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Prestigious Residency Program Development

Jessica Ripper, a senior at Penn State, channeled her energy and passion for mental health into researching and laying down the groundwork for The Foundation’s Prestigious Residency Program. Alongside fellow intern Caitlyn Spurlock, the duo interviewed leading academic institutes and industry executives to identify the top three residency programs in the country. Their work will put more psychiatrists in the field.


Sarah SausmanSarah Sausman / Senior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Fall Virtual Fundraising event

Juggling her internship and a part-time job at Starbucks (during a global pandemic we might add), this rising senior at Penn State brought her good-natured care and patience to our virtual masquerade ball project. Assessing the value of everything from sponsorship levels to the run-of-show, Ms. Sausman and her partner Ms. Londsdale will be ready to host their own event in no time. Check out more information on this year’s event here!


Justin SchatzJustin Schatz / Senior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Grant research, development and submissions

He may have started out reserved, but did he get comfortable sharing all that he was able to accomplish. Justin Schatz is another Nittany Lion who brought his energy and zeal to The Quell cohort this summer. Alongside his grant teammate, Emily Abbott, Justin elevated The Foundation’s status on multiple grant platforms, even taking Quell from a Bronze to a Gold Seal of Transparency on Guidestar.


Caitlyn SpurlockCaitlyn Spurlock / Junior / Penn State University / Biobehavioral Health
Intern Assignment: Prestigious Residency Program Development

A two-time Quell scholar, Caitlyn Spurlock and her fellow PSU intern Jessica Ripper spent their summer completing in-depth research for Quell’s Prestigious Residence Program. With plans to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Ms. Spurlock offered special and unique insight to the project. Besides offering her fantastic brain to The Foundation this summer, Caitlyn will give the rest of her body to Run for Peace of Mind as a member of Team Quell at this year’s Virtual Falmouth Road Race.


Alexandra StratosAlexandra Stratos / Junior / Penn State University / Health and Policy Administration
Intern Assignment: Virtual Falmouth Road Race

A member of PSU’s World Campus, Alexandra Stratos spent her summer developing a peer to peer fundraising program, offering an outlet for passionate volunteers to expand philanthropic support to The Foundation and strengthen national recognition. Juggling her role as wife, mother and student in the midst of relocating to the east coast during a global pandemic, her passion for Quell always shines through!


To inquire about a Fall internship with The Foundation, please email Kevin M. Lynch at