Work-From-Home Tips from Your Friends at Quell

March 23, 2020

For those who are new to the notion of remote work/work-from-home, it may feel incredibly invasive to now mix your personal space with business activities. As a national organization, our team at The Quell Foundation has mastered the art of remote work, and we’re here to share our tried and true, top-tips to help create boundaries that’ll ease you through this transition.

Designate a space: Find a room or area of your house that you can designate as your workspace. Decide that ONLY work will happen here and, likewise, limit work to ONLY this space. The rest of your home should be deemed “sacred” territory for your personal life.

Make the bed & get dressed: No, it doesn’t have to be your usual business-casual attire, but get out of those PJs, take a shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair, so you FEEL awake, focused and motivated, signifying to your brain that you are ready to work.

Identify your personal medicine: Incorporate small items or practices into this space that help keep you focused and motivated. For example, drink from your favorite coffee mug, light a scented candle, put on your playlist, chew gum, or bring a plant into the space.

Bring meaningful movement into your day: Schedule in time for exercise (preferably before your workday starts) and be sure to take small breaks throughout the day. Take a walk around the block for fresh air, stretch, meditate, or do a brief yoga sequence to get the blood flowing and reinvigorate the mind.

Write it out: An oldie, but a goodie. Make your daily to-do list and schedule time for those tasks in your calendar (preferably the night before so you wake prepared to tackle the day). Scientific studies have proven benefits of writing out a to-do list, relieves stress, helps prioritization and accountability, increases productivity and focus.

Email last: Now, more than ever, human connectedness is essential to remind us that we are all in this together. When reaching out to your team, colleagues, and partners, even for the smallest question or request, consider FIRST, picking up the phone or offering to connect via a zoom/skype call. Outreach via email is less personal, so default to email as a last resort.

Pack it up & shut it down: When your workday is complete, let your brain know by shutting down your computer, closing your notebook, and packing up work essentials just as you would if you were to leave the office. Turn off the lights and close the door to your workspace.

Furthermore, The Quell Foundation is always here for you. Your mental health and well-being are important to us. The Quell Foundation is looking to engage our fantastic community to share uplifting, positive, and hopeful messages in the wake of this confusion and uncertainty. If you have something you would like to add to The Foundation’s social media channels, send it our way! We will put all of this feel-good energy across our social media platforms, so connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Note: Please keep videos between 2-3 minutes long. 😊

Let’s get through this together.

Written by Renee Wilk