Work-From-Home Tips from Your Friends at Quell

Man at a desk

For those who are new to the notion of remote work/work-from-home, it may feel incredibly invasive to now mix your personal space with business activities. As a national organization, our team at The Quell Foundation has mastered the art of remote work, and we’re here to share our tried and true, top-tips to help create boundaries that’ll ease you through this transition. […]

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Sharon’s Story

Two women

In 2017, Sharon Abraczinskas was a turning point. Her beautiful and vibrant daughter was hospitalized for depression after her university’s counseling center immediately refused her treatment. Her daughter had reached a tipping point, and the school, seeing her as a liability, forced her to leave campus. Admittedly, the center was not equipped to deal with her degree of mental illness. […]

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Brianna’s Story

Brianna at UCONN

Through open, judgment-free dialogue, we can remove the stigma of mental health. Brianna Searles is a Quell scholar, and a Quell Junior Board member. “In only 20 short years, I’ve gone through a lot. I’m a daughter, sister, and friend. But that isn’t the whole of me. I have only shown my alter ego. The happy me, the one my family would be proud of showing off. I wore a mask to make everyone think I was the happiest person ever, but on the inside, I wasn’t.” […]

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Avery’s Story

Avery laughing

I am a proud third generation immigrant. My grandparents emigrated from India to England then finally landed in Canada. Like most cookie cutter immigrant stories they wanted to alter the course of their lives, and more importantly their children’s’ lives, in favor of better opportunity. They worked factory jobs well below their skill level and […]

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